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These Aren’t My ‘Girls’: Thoughts on Diversity in Media

In all honesty, I wasn't all that intrigued to watch HBO's Girls until after reading Jenna Wortham's Where (My) Girls At? and her discussion about the show's lack of diversity.  But I gleaned from the article that there were good points to the show, accurate reflections of the twenty-something millenials bracket in which I belong.  So I tuned in to better understand if stories and identifiable characters could overcome these issues. I identify with being twenty-something and its ironically Read more [...]

The (In)Visible Women of Technology

This past week I’ve been confronted by the idea of the visibility of women in technology – or rather, the realization of a certain level of invisibility. Today is Ada Lovelace Day – she is attributed for conceptualizing the first computer program…in the mid-1800s.  Fast forward to this past week, while watching the live streaming of AdobeMAX, I noted the following on Twitter: I think this might be the first time I've seen a woman (Emmy Huang) as a featured presenter at a major tech Read more [...]