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Marathons are beautiful things.  There's the time it takes to be able to run them, the people encouraging you on that journey.  There's the race itself: the glorious 26.2 mile stretch of more than just singular achievement, but also the support of the community where that race happens, the chorus of cheers from strangers and friends alike who celebrate you and with you. I don't think today's events make us forget the beauty and achievement of the marathon.  I think today's events magnify Read more [...]

Rediscovering “Philosophical Thoughts…”

A year or so ago, I was compiling a list of "philosophical thoughts".  Just adages or musings I had over the course of time.  I discovered them recently in my move - a printed paper that I used to have on my wall that, for whatever reason lost in time, I removed.  But in reading them again, I found that I agreed with almost all of them.  I bolded my favorites: 1.  You can't change anyone. When you think you've changed someone, it's really because they themselves want to change. 2.  You Read more [...]