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The (In)Visible Women of Technology

This past week I’ve been confronted by the idea of the visibility of women in technology – or rather, the realization of a certain level of invisibility. Today is Ada Lovelace Day – she is attributed for conceptualizing the first computer program…in the mid-1800s.  Fast forward to this past week, while watching the live streaming of AdobeMAX, I noted the following on Twitter: I think this might be the first time I've seen a woman (Emmy Huang) as a featured presenter at a major tech Read more [...]

The Appeal of #FlightVSBike / #FlightVSMetro

As I sit here engrossed in the twitter feed of #FlightVSBike, following the LAStreetsBlog tracker, and completely ignoring most of what I planned to do this morning, I write this trying to understand for myself what the appeal of this adventure is centered in and on.  I think it is partly because there's something about it that is inherently new - that we've come to a time in our technological advancements that we have such a variety of transportation options across different terrains.  So then, Read more [...]

Efficient: Facebook – Events and Lightboxes

I kind of hesitated writing "efficient" and "facebook" next to each other, but there are a few changes to facebook I have liked (and I'm kind tired of being a 'negative nancy' - where does that phrase come from? all the nancy's i know aren't negative - 'cause I'm generally pretty chipper).  The thing that striked me recently  that I liked was when I created an event listing. Well... When I finished creating an event.  The process of creating the event itself is quite annoying.  As I do Read more [...]

Inefficient: Facebook – Rearranging the Home Page Side Bar

Now added to my "Inefficient" Web Commentary* series is Facebook.  Facebook recently underwent a design change that caused quite the uproar with its users (not that it stops them from using the service, but like the current theme, we do somehow seem okay with living life with a marginal amount of dysfunction and a healthy dose of hope - or ability to complain).   In any case, this series will just be about things I think would make Facebook work more efficiently.  We will start with something Read more [...]