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Emergency Stops: A Letter to the Impatient Public Transit Rider

Dear Impatient Public Transit Rider, I'm guessing you had somewhere to go. I mean, obviously, since you couldn't wait the few seconds between the train stopping and the train operator opening the doors that you had to pull on the emergency door stop. Maybe it was a life or death situation. Maybe those seconds were crucial in a 24 montage way and I should actually be addressing this to "Dear Guy Who Thinks He's Jack Bauer" and thank you for saving the world. Erm...somehow, I don't think Read more [...]

iPhone 4: Day 1

I finally bit the bullet and got myself an iPhone 4.  It was kind of a big leap - I was upgrading from an o.g. iPhone.  That's right, the Edge network!  But it was time to let go of Chaucer (my o.g. iPhone) and upgrade to Milton (my iPhone 4). Yes, I name my electronics...generally after literary figures or characters. For Day 1, I managed to: Better navigate through my public transit-ness with Google Maps and GPS Contemplate planning a trip to San Diego Use/Test FaceTime with my friend Read more [...]

Public Transit: Washington DC – Initial Impressions

Have you ever had one of those days that ended the way it began - at least it feels like it? I totally had one of those days today, except I began on one coast (taking the subway and the bus) and ended up on the other coast in a similar way (taking the bus then the subway). Per my LAX Flyaway post this morning, I began my day with the Red Line and a Flyaway bus to the airport (subway, bus). I ended my trip with a bus (5A) from Dulles Airport. There are other vehicles from the airport, but Read more [...]

On FlyAway – Officially on Vacation

I am on the Flyaway bus to LAX. There's something about getting on the Flyaway, headed toward the airport, that makes me feel like the true start of my travels - not the half-dazed subway ride with the equally half-dazed people headed to work at 6:30am (did you know there were that many people on the Red Line before 7?). In any case, here I go on my first extended vacation in awhile. Previous long trips were conference/visitation trips with my Sister Cities familia, so without all those formalities Read more [...]

Curbed LA: LA’s First Subway Turnstiles To Debut in June

Curbed LA: LA's First Subway Turnstiles To Debut in June. Hey - I'm all for this.  It makes me a more responsible rider and keeps people in check on buying the tickets.  Can we also get ride of this whole one-way line travel idea too?  First off, no one really follows it (I do, I have a monthly pass) or really understands it.  If you don't have to go through another set of gates, I say that is a sign you're ok! Read more [...]