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New Song: Believe – cc.tran + YouTube

I love when songs come from random inspirations - one-off lines that friends say.  Zinfandel was one of those songs ("pour me another glass of that wine" - trevor) and I suppose Believe is going to get added to that list ("...as if love has logic" - jesse). In truth, I wrote most of Believe several weeks ago around Jesse's birthday actually.  He and I were having a random conversation about love and logic to which he mentioned the line "as if love has logic" which got me to thinking because Read more [...]

Past Poetry & New Song: Lie to Me

I always find it amazing the sheer amount of volume of things I have written, tucked away, and forgotten.  The other day I pulled a line from an old poem that was simply "Lie to Me" and on my evening work break I finished up the song I started from that...entitled Lie to Me.  For any Buffy fans, this is not a reference to a Buffy Season 2 Episode, but I applaud you if you did remember that. This song is about wanting someone to lie to you, not forever but just for a little while.  Where - in Read more [...]

New Original Song: “Again” on cc.tran myspace

Just uploaded a basic version of my song "Again" on my myspace (cc.tran music - http://www.myspace.com/ukechick).  I wanted to write a song about two lovers that didn't work out and one hoping that the other can find love of similar intensity in the future. Probably my most favorite song in the 8 or so I wrote last month during my "be more creative/artsy for lent" - yes, I pretty much wrote an album worth of songs. In the eventual version of the song, I'm thinking background vocals, some keyboards, Read more [...]