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Why Touch My Hair?!

These are the general approaches people take whether they're walking on the street or on public transit: Give them some spare change. Tell them you don't have any money (whether or not it's true). Ignore them. Tell them to get a job. I never say #4 because you really never know why people are asking for money.  I'll usually do a range of 1 or 2.  But sometimes when I'm not feeling particularly nice or just don't want to be bothered after a long day of work, I pick #3 - Ignore them.  Read more [...]

Article: All the News That’s Fit to Tweet (Downtown News)

I had an impromptu interview this week with Ryan Vaillancourt of Downtown News about Twitter.  His article "All the News That's Fit to Tweet" is now up, and a couple of my points about twitter were mentioned.  Great article for those who want to learn more about twitter or wondering if they should sign up. Downtown News Article - All the News that's Fit to Tweet -cct Read more [...]

Dysfunction Function: The World on a Wheelchair

The other day I was heading home on the 7th/Metro station when this slightly heavyset woman in a wheelchair with a brown poodle-type dog on a leash asked for my help. Now, when people usually ask for my help on public transit, it's about asking me directions - what bus line to take, what direction the train is, etc. This request was not that at all. Read more [...]