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DIY Book Scanner: Make-Up Carrier, Choral Folder, and Picture Frame Glass

Recently I borrowed several books from a library for my dissertation research.  I was basking in the glow of more generous university library renewal options when I got an email telling me I had to return them because - can you believe this? - someone else needed them. The email brought some emotions: Obligatory shaking-fist-in-the-air Facebook post expressing my attachment issues to books that aren't actually mine: Darn you, Book Recall! Darn you, Unidentified University Student(s)!  Don't Read more [...]

Almost Happiness

This past weekend life carried me to Los Angeles' Old Chinatown Central Plaza. While there on an errand, I threw a coin into its Seven Star Cavern Wishing Well. By "well" I don't mean your standard hole in the ground encircled by bricks, but you probably figured that out with the phrase "Seven Star Cavern". This is more of a replica of the Seven Star Caves of China, painted green, dotted with Buddha statues and little metal "wells" complete with signage. These signs call out to the things we Read more [...]

A Moment for my Diamond Earrings

Today I felt like wearing my diamond earrings.  If you look at the instagram photo to the right, by diamond earrings, I mean well not really much of diamonds.  But that doesn't matter. I bought these earrings myself.  $25.  Church silent auction.  They're butterflies - something anyone who keeps up-to-date with on this blog realizes is a favorite symbol of mine. But despite the lack of cost (and let's face it, almost lack of diamond), there's something about being able to tell myself that Read more [...]

La Vida de Caridad: The Mockery of Marriage & the GED

I've had my fair share of people talk to me on public transit.  As a fact gatherer and a storyteller, I care more about hearing the lives of other people, about letting stories themselves unfold from random conversations.  And as a girl, I've also had my fair share of such people possibly hitting on me, so I try to be brief about the details, generally honest, and generally only pretend to be engaged if the story might save me (that juvi-ex-con story is for another day). Yesterday I was heading Read more [...]

La Vida de Caridad: Hollywood Observations

Saturday night.  Hollywood Boulevard crawls with tourists and locals. Cameras flash at Madame Tussauds - faux celebrities are almost the real thing, right? Pass by Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, compare your footprints with them – celebrities who walked on the air of fame past and present.  How do your hands compare against theirs?  How do your feet?  If they match, is your joy because you are almost like them or that you see that they are more like us – who exist on the fringe of red Read more [...]