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Things I Wish We Were Doing Instead of Cheering “USA! USA!”

Reacting to this piece – “USA! USA!” is the wrong response - in Salon.com. How about we take all that energy and put it to good American use? Help out relief efforts in the South.  Osama’s passing did not stop tornados and floods. Continue the dialogue of healing and working toward a better future.  Violence is a vicious cycle and let’s get out of it.  Speaking of violence, aside from the things happening in the Middle East - there’s crazy stuff happening just Read more [...]

Dysfunction Function: The World on a Wheelchair

The other day I was heading home on the 7th/Metro station when this slightly heavyset woman in a wheelchair with a brown poodle-type dog on a leash asked for my help. Now, when people usually ask for my help on public transit, it's about asking me directions - what bus line to take, what direction the train is, etc. This request was not that at all. Read more [...]