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Facebook Email Removal = Website Change?

If you haven’t heard, Facebook has updated everyone’s email to their Facebook email – because obviously when someone is emailing me they really want to contact me on Facebook.  Silly me for overlooking this.  Good thing Facebook is around to make me feel empowered about my user experience and updating this information for me. Sarcasm aside, I went through lifehacker’s instructions earlier this morning, but then noticed something odd on my page later that day – “Charity changed her Read more [...]

Ways Facebook Could Promote Saving Lives Beyond Organ Donations

I read today that Facebook is encouraging organ donations.  I think this is a great effort and more people should be organ donors.  Ultimately I want this campaign to be successful (and it looks like it is) , but I do have a few concerns: This feature is kind of hidden away.  In fact, I didn't realize the amount of "Timeline Life Events" I could indicate until I started writing this.  This speaks to a larger problem Facebook has with rolling out new site changes without really communicating Read more [...]

How-To: Turn off Facebook Chat Sidebar

Are you as annoyed as I am about the sidebar on Facebook?  In addition to not being a user of Facebook Chat, it confuses me that I get to see people online because then it makes me feel like I’m supposed to use FB Chat.  So, I hid it.  Here’s how (until they do their next interface change tomorrow or something…): Click on the '”Gearwork” (I think?) symbol and there’s a “Hide Sidebar” option.  Fair warning: some friends have expressed that this might Read more [...]

Shifts in Facebook: Commenting on Wall Posts

The other day my friend Ian and I were having a facebook wall conversation and it wasn't until he commented on my message on his wall that I realized you could comment on that as well (hey...there's some things I don't pay attention to :)). As my friend Bobby just did the same thing earlier (commenting on my wall post), I write this post being all kinds of  divided.  Is this the end of the wall-to-wall?  It makes sense because then the conversation follows on your profile where it began Read more [...]

Efficient: Facebook Site Governance Vote

Well...sort of efficient. When I tried voting the first couple of times I received all these error messages. In any case, if you haven't heard voting has now begun for the new Terms of Service (TOS) on Facebook - revised version with an input of comments from users and experts or reverting back to the 9/08 version before the mass hysteria of libertarian-esque outcry (It's the internet. We're still the wild, wild west). Go here to get to the vote. Way more efficient than Mark Zuckerberg's Read more [...]