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A Song A Day: Everlong (KROQ Acoustic)

Song #10 Everlong Why I Picked It: Not just any version of Everlong by the Foo Fighters.  The KROQ Acoustic version.  I actually heard this version first and though I do enjoy the original (from their Skin and Bones album), the acoustic version is my favorite.  I heard the acoustic version when I went with my friend Matt to a concert featuring Foo Fighters and Weezer.  It was definitely one of my more memorable concert experiences. Why I Like It: Simply: And she sang.... When Read more [...]

A Song A Day: Everything You Want

Song #9 Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want Why I Picked It: I had a couple of songs rolling around in my head, but because the Buffy/Xander shipperdom I have long been affiliated with has picked up steam (unfortunately not for "yay, this shipperdom is actually gonna happen" reasons), I was reminded of a song that reminded me of the shipperdom: Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want.  Side note about the B/X link, I am a semi-retired fanfic writer and helped founded the online B/X Read more [...]

A Song A Day: Something

Song #8 The Beatles' Something Why I Picked It: Something is my favorite Beatles song and is off of the Abbey Road album.  I was blessed earlier this year to be able to hear Paul McCartney play it on ukulele (my instrument and one of the favorite instruments of the late George Harrison) at Coachella 2009. Why I Like It: Not to sound cheesy (and this is going to sound cheesy), but I think this is my favorite Beatles song because whoever I end up with, I hope that the sentiments of this Read more [...]

A Song A Day: Time In A Bottle

Song #7: Jim Croce's Time In A Bottle Why I Picked It: This song came to mind a few weeks ago and I was reminiscing about high school choir - we sang a choral arrangement of it and I didn't know how it actually sounded until years later when I in college.  My H.S. biology teacher Mr. Clark was quick to jab on facebook that I wasn't old enough to reminisce about the song! Why I Like It: The guitar fingering and the message is just soothing.  It's a song about how the singer wishes Read more [...]

A Song A Day: Funky Tonight

Song #6 John Butler Trio's Funky Tonight Why I Picked It: I had no idea what to pick today, so I randomly played my music until I found something - John Butler Trio and their Funky Tonight song from their Grand National album.  John Butler Trio is an Australian-based band that I learned about from my friend Cela.  Cela had spent sometime studying abroad in Austrailia and when she came back they were playing at - of all places - the Borders bookstore on Hollywood/Vine.  They proceeded Read more [...]