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Community S4 Finale: Why I Loved It

I honestly loved every second of this episode.  For me, it was perfect. What I appreciated the most about this season 4 finale was how it functioned as a mirror to how the show started.  In the beginning, Jeff was anxiously trying to run back to his sleazy lawyer job and, as a natural reflection to being that guy, doing and saying whatever he could to get what he wanted.  He formed the study group, after all, to go after "Hot Blonde Spanish Class".  But the study group became more than Read more [...]

These Aren’t My ‘Girls’: Thoughts on Diversity in Media

In all honesty, I wasn't all that intrigued to watch HBO's Girls until after reading Jenna Wortham's Where (My) Girls At? and her discussion about the show's lack of diversity.  But I gleaned from the article that there were good points to the show, accurate reflections of the twenty-something millenials bracket in which I belong.  So I tuned in to better understand if stories and identifiable characters could overcome these issues. I identify with being twenty-something and its ironically Read more [...]