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Halloween Costume: Operation TARDIS Dress

Usually my Halloween costumes come in two varieties: "What's in my closet that might work?" or "I've thought about this far enough in advance that I ordered it online." This year, I actually decided to change things up a bit and actually put together a costume.  Given my Doctor Who obsession for the last year or so (Late in the game, I know - I mourned over the 10th Doctor, does that make up for it?), I contemplated just being a girl version of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor.  I had a tweed-ish Read more [...]

Why PBS Matters to Me

In the first of the 2012 Presidential Debates, Mitt Romney said the following: I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I'm going to stop other things. I like PBS. I love Big Bird. I actually like you [Jim Lehrer] too.  -Transcript And Audio: First Obama-Romney Debate As it turns out PBS gets actually very little funding from the federal government (See this visual illustration of PBS federal funding).  As Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted: Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help Read more [...]

On Life & Music: Remembering Alex Ruggieri

I heard about Alex before I met him, before I knew him.  In all of these moments and more, music was always there. I had been looking for a church and I was recommended to check out First Congregational Church of Los Angeles by my then boss Jeremy.  Jeremy did not make this recommendation because he had heard great things about the sermons and the congregation and the many other facets that go into seeking a place of worship.  His recommendation was solely on it being a place of beautiful music Read more [...]

Remembering Shakespeare: Advocating Arts in Education

On William Shakespeare's birthday (April 23rd*), I thought about the impact of Shakespeare in my life. Although I majored in English (British Literature emphasis) and took an excellent college class on his works, my most memorable experiences with "the Bard" were in junior high and high school - and it had nothing to do with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. I was in the GATE program (Gifted and Talented Education) where select public school students identified as gifted are given educational Read more [...]

“I wish I had spent more time with you.”

I just wrote this on my friend's wall: "I wish I had spent more time with you." My friend from high school Carolina passed away on Saturday.  I wrote this poem "Star Bright" about remembering her memory, but it was also about not remembering. But in truth Offline We rarely crossed paths And I do not remember The last time I saw you Face-to-face I don't remember the last time I saw her.  Even if someone told me what/when it was, I don't think I could really confirm that it was the last Read more [...]