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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Cupcake Project

Like many, my fellow Whovians and I had been planning a get-together for months to celebrate and view Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor. We had a lovely Whovian Brunch and had an excellent time watching the 50th Anniversary episode. My contribution to our brunch was themed cupcakes - and true to Doctor Who form - it was a bit of a timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly kitchen experiment. Read more [...]

Food Photo Tips for Martha Stewart (and Others Who Might Not Care)

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, it's no secret that I post food photos from my eating adventures in LA and my cooking adventures as a vegetarian.  I am by no means a photographer or a photo-expert, but I have learned a few things when taking photos with various iterations of my smartphone over the years.   As a result, I am now fairly comfortable in the everyday caliber of my food photo-taking.  Then today I read this article on Jezebel: Martha Stewart Can't Stop Tweeting Really Read more [...]

Easy Recipes: Peanut Butter and Fig Toasted Sandwiches

Peanut Butter and Fig Toasted Sandwiches, a photo by intellichick on Flickr. My CSA box arrived to my office the other day containing figs. I don't often eat figs (and one of the best things about CSA boxes is that it lets me try new things), so I went about seeing how I could incorporate them into a quick dinner at the office. I saw this simple recipe from one of my favorite sites Oh She Glows ("Nature's Jam Figgy Peanut Butter Toast"). It's just toasted bread, your favorite peanut butter, Read more [...]