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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Cupcake Project

Like many, my fellow Whovians and I had been planning a get-together for months to celebrate and view Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor. We had a lovely Whovian Brunch and had an excellent time watching the 50th Anniversary episode. My contribution to our brunch was themed cupcakes - and true to Doctor Who form - it was a bit of a timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly kitchen experiment. Read more [...]

A Very Bookish Christmas

This year I decided to make a Book Christmas Tree - something a little bit more detailed than my beloved Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but still room for creativity.  I actually have a whole "to-read" book table.  Yes - table. So it was the perfect place to just do some...rearranging!  I had to be a little bit more creative with the top of the tree.  Luckily I had small volumes of love poems that were just right! The books in the tree (from top-to-bottom): Random House Treasury of Favorite Read more [...]

Halloween Costume: Operation TARDIS Dress

Usually my Halloween costumes come in two varieties: "What's in my closet that might work?" or "I've thought about this far enough in advance that I ordered it online." This year, I actually decided to change things up a bit and actually put together a costume.  Given my Doctor Who obsession for the last year or so (Late in the game, I know - I mourned over the 10th Doctor, does that make up for it?), I contemplated just being a girl version of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor.  I had a tweed-ish Read more [...]

Craft: The Chick in Egg in the Glass

One of my random hobbies is designing my own gifts for holiday presents/favors.  For some reason I've latched onto the plastic small tumbler type cups they sell at the grocery store.  Since all my crafts involve being candy containers, it's ideal that it be a cup.  In previous years I've made one designed to look like a bunny's face and a ghost within a cup for Halloween.  Let me know if there's an interest for instructions on my previous projects, this post will just be how to make the chick Read more [...]