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Kickstarter Project Shout-Out: Princess Charming

Writer Josh Roby teams up with Illustrator Anna Kreider to give girls a different kind of Charming. The campaign has had some great forward motion, unlocking the princess designs shown above! And if you're thinking very sarcastically to the rest of the world - You mean princesses can come in different shapes and sizes and ethnic backgrounds?! - I'm there with you. Read more [...]

DIY Book Scanner: Make-Up Carrier, Choral Folder, and Picture Frame Glass

Recently I borrowed several books from a library for my dissertation research.  I was basking in the glow of more generous university library renewal options when I got an email telling me I had to return them because - can you believe this? - someone else needed them. The email brought some emotions: Obligatory shaking-fist-in-the-air Facebook post expressing my attachment issues to books that aren't actually mine: Darn you, Book Recall! Darn you, Unidentified University Student(s)!  Don't Read more [...]

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Cupcake Project

Like many, my fellow Whovians and I had been planning a get-together for months to celebrate and view Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor. We had a lovely Whovian Brunch and had an excellent time watching the 50th Anniversary episode. My contribution to our brunch was themed cupcakes - and true to Doctor Who form - it was a bit of a timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly kitchen experiment. Read more [...]