Community: Season 5 Cast. "The Start of a New Chapter" (Again?)

Long Live ‘Community’ (Probably)

Today one of my favorite television shows Community was canceled.  But unlike past television shows where my heart mourned for the loss of stories and characters that will never find resolution, I’m not really sad.

Because at this point, is it really dead? Is Community ever really dead?

Community is a show that in-and-of-itself has the qualities of a phoenix rising from the ash.  The metaphor is probably a little bit more  awkward than this classic image – more like the Dean dressed as a feathered phoenix Follies girl making an announcement about cancellation to the Study Group so that they can then go save it. Or perhaps like Abed in a cape running around with post-cancellation cries of “Six Seasons and a Movie,” we find ourselves in the darkest timeline of a gas-leak year where even The Cape was able to be retooled for cable.

And if we are to believe Joel McHale’s twitter –

then that’s exactly where we are.

For some reason, the show almost exists in a Dreamatorium where television and internet history collide.  It’s been almost cancelled so many times before, but the Internet and social media has helped save it.  And now that it’s been canceled, it’s  perfectly packaged for a streaming service like Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix to pick up and add to their own original content.

On one hand, never has it been so easy to buy a fandom.  On the other, it almost feels like a necessary step in the show’s evolution.  How much more presently meta can you get about television than by being cancelled and picked up for streaming?

So I’m hoping to see Community where I usually I see it anyway – streaming from my PS3 or my iPad, generally on cycles of repeat.

Long live Community. #sixseasonandamovie