Kickstarter: Princess Charming - Unlocked Princesses

Kickstarter Project Shout-Out: Princess Charming

I wanted to give a shout-out to this awesome children’s book kickstarter project I just donated to – Princess Charming: Books for Awesome Princesses.

Writer Josh Roby teams up with Illustrator Anna Kreider to give girls a different kind of Charming.  The campaign has had some great forward motion, unlocking the princess designs shown on this post!  And if you’re thinking very sarcastically to the rest of the world – You mean princesses can come in different shapes and sizes and ethnic backgrounds?! – I’m there with you.

Kickstarter: Princess Charming - Unlocked Princesses
Kickstarter: Princess Charming – Unlocked Princesses

I’m also with these points:

  • The goal of this project is to create princess stories with characters who are brave, capable, and, in a word, awesome.  Princesses who are more than a ball gown and a pair of lips waiting for True Love’s Kiss.
  • Princesses who go on their own adventures.  The boys might come along, too, but only if they can keep up!

Here’s the background on the first Princess Charming character – Princess Kadri:

Kadri is the first Princess Charming, and her parents don’t know what to do with her.  The Charming dynasty has always borne boys: brave strapping lads who ride out into the world, rescue a princess, and come home victorious.

The Charmings know how to raise a prince.

Raising a daughter like Kadri? Not so much.

The King and Queen (and Grandmama Dowager) love their girl to pieces, but when the only mold you have is a Damsel in Distress, and your daughter has her own ideas plus, well, a bit of a stubborn streak, things get a little interesting.
(Kickstarter: Princess Charming)

Books will come in three reading tiers – Picture Book, Bedtime Book, and Early Reader – and different backing statuses make it flexible for you to pick one, all three, or even multiple sets!  

Here’s the Kickstarter Princess Charming campaign video –