’s Interactive Infographic

imageI received an email from Jim Messina of telling me that

  1. They had passed the 1 million grassroots donors mark.
  2. 147,281 donors were from California.
  3. 43 donors were named Charity.

…like me!  But best of all, it sends me to a great interactive infographic.

A few good points for online e-government/political outreach:

  • User Personalization is pretty awesome when you want to make me feel specific in a group of a million.
  • Infographics are a fun way to break down information.  I love charts and Infographics anyone?
  • Interactivity takes the infographic to another level.  You can toggle through data, put user input, see data break downs by day of the week, dollar amount, location, etc.

If only more government data was more transparent and interactive all the time!  With data sites like and, one day soon I hope!