Recipe: Chocolate Avocado Berry Pie

Chocolate Avocado Berry Pie

I was looking for something to bring to my friend Adam’s Fourth of July BBQ and while at Anime Expo, my friend Lori suggested a chocolate avocado dessert that she had made.  Not having her recipe on hand (though the double chocolate torte recipe she posted later looks fabulous and fun in the future), I naturally trolled the Google.

I modified a recipe I found with berries from Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe.  So you could say that this recipe was made by Renee Mahon, slightly modified by S. Duquet, and then slightly modified again by cc.tran.

The recipe with my modifications:

  • I didn’t have vegan chocolate chips, so I just went with regular semi-sweet chocolate chips.  This made me sad later because one of the guests at the bbq is a vegan.  And the chocolate was the only part that was un-vegan-y.
  • I didn’t see the point of the berries at the bottom (though in hindsight, perhaps it gives it just enough of a base for the pie?), so I put the berries on top (as pictured) so that it could have a nice patriotic flare. 
  • I used vanilla coconut milk (Silk has a new coconut milk line). 

Some notes:

  • Despite copious amounts of setting time, this actually turned out to be more of a mousse style when actually eaten. See note above about putting the berries on top!
  • I debated for sometime on whether or not to buy a graham cracker crust or make a pie crust, but I kind of liked the idea of no crust.  But I think this would be a pretty spectacular pie with a crust if you chose to add that in…and you could probably cut it like a pie.