Veggie Day 1: Salad Making #30DaysofGood

So I decided to take up the GOOD 30 Day Challenge – Go Vegetarian.  I had thought to do this before my 2-week school seminar, but since that seminar was going to be in Texas and I wouldn’t have the best control over my food options, I decided to hold off…and I wasn’t going to go as extreme as a whole month, but well, here we go…

A note, I found out about this in the afternoon, so I am not counting the Chicken Pesto Sandwich I had for lunch :).

I figured that to best meet this challenge I would have to get back to cooking, which I love but get so caught up with life and work that I don’t do as much as I would like – so that’s a nice bonus prize.

For dinner today I made myself a salad (pictured above):

  • spring mix
  • strawberries
  • white mushrooms
  • sunflower seeds
  • Italian Vinaigrette