Reading Between the Lines: CNN’s Falcon Lake Story

There’s a part of me that is truly sympathetic to the plight of the Falcon Lake widow that is the focal point of this CNN story, but I was equally annoyed by the story as well.  It may have been personal – I lost a dear friend to the senseless violence going on in Mexico less than a year ago.  Bobby Salcedo was young and lived a life full of promise.  He will inspire people for years to come.  He was also an American.  In fact, he taught me a lot about what it means to be an American because at one time he was my Economics/Government teacher in high school.

So when I read the following sentence in CNN’s article, I am more than a bit annoyed:

Hartley appeared often on television networks, putting an American face on the drug cartel violence that has claimed more than 28,000 lives in Mexico since 2006.

Is her face “American” because she is white?  What about the other reported 53 U.S. citizens killed this year in Mexico (in the same article Scott Stewart, a top analyst with the global intelligence company Stratfor, indicated that David Hartley is believed to be the 54th reported U.S. citizen killed this year in Mexico)?  Is this article supposed to tell me that not even “white people” are safe when it is later quoted? –

“We’re white people, we’re not cartel style. I think they were just after our Jet Skis.”

Last I checked America is a melting pot, and maybe if the media can recognize that a little better, we’d be better off.