iPhone 4: Day 1

Me and my new iPhone 4I finally bit the bullet and got myself an iPhone 4.  It was kind of a big leap – I was upgrading from an o.g. iPhone.  That’s right, the Edge network!  But it was time to let go of Chaucer (my o.g. iPhone) and upgrade to Milton (my iPhone 4). Yes, I name my electronics…generally after literary figures or characters.

For Day 1, I managed to:

  • Better navigate through my public transit-ness with Google Maps and GPS
  • Contemplate planning a trip to San Diego
  • Use/Test FaceTime with my friend Esteban
  • Take photos (with both cameras!)
  • Social media standards – facebook, twitter, flickr, etc.

Overall, fairly satisfied so far.  It’s speedier than I once had and the features are spiffier.

Perhaps the most amazing thing that happened so far had nothing to do with the phone really – the moment I switched over and purchased the phone, I immediately got a call from my credit card company asking me to verify the purchase.  By immediate, I mean it happened right after purchasing in the AT&T store!  Go Barclaycard!