New Song: Believe – cc.tran + YouTube

I love when songs come from random inspirations – one-off lines that friends say.  Zinfandel was one of those songs (“pour me another glass of that wine” – trevor) and I suppose Believe is going to get added to that list (“…as if love has logic” – jesse).

In truth, I wrote most of Believe several weeks ago around Jesse’s birthday actually.  He and I were having a random conversation about love and logic to which he mentioned the line “as if love has logic” which got me to thinking because as a self-proclaimed “intellichick” sometimes I think my logic is the biggest problem.  Emotions aren’t logical in the least (except that it is logical that people have them), but my logic is all about protocol and “yes/no” and – whether I consciously do it or not – I’m always weighing percentages.

So while I’m far from Temprance Brennan of Bones, some of these logical aspects of this song is kind of how I think.  But the thinking isn’t really the focus of the song – it’s the believing, which – for any believer of anything – often has no logic seat of which to rest your laurels on.

Here’s the YouTube.  Hope you like it!