“Everything” Taglines: iPhone 4, PS3 Move, and Xbox Kinect (Sort of)

Everything x 3 - Similarity of captions between iphone, ps3, and kinect (sort of)
Everything x 3

The “summer blockbuster” seems less applicable to the movies and more to electronics lately.  With the announcement (and pre-order craze) of the iPhone 4 and more information/demos/hype for the PS3 Move and Xbox Kinect coming out of E3 – you’d think that there would be some more creativity a-buzz with taglines.


  1. iPhone 4It changes everything. Again.
  2. PS3 Move It changes everything.
  3. XBox is a little bit more creative – deciding to allude to the fact that it “changes everything” – “You are the controller.” …which I think basically says that it changes everything.

Perhaps it’s just naturally the way electronics are supposed to be innovative – the next best thing, the coolest new feature – but apparently the catchphrase is that everything not only includes all that, but is bordering on revolutionary, or maybe, evolutionary is a better word.

Maybe it’s true.  Maybe it’s not.  But bonus points to the Xbox 360 Kinect for thinking outside of the box…so to speak!