La Vida de Caridad: Sink Monster

Zip It
Zip It

Once upon a time my sink led me on a crazy adventure (see – La Vida de Caridad: Everything and the Kitchen Sink).  Apparently, my sink likes to be the center of attention in my life.  It likes to do things like accidentally let a bag of tea fall in and then proceed to clog for a week despite drano and a plunger.  Okay…so maybe the ‘accidentally letting a bag of tea fall in’ was my fault, but it didn’t have to go and be mean about it.

Today – while I had dough mixing in my bread machine in Christmas Eve cooking mayhem – I dashed out to the store to find something and discovered Zip-It.  It’s a flexible piece of plastic with jutting gro0ves that pick up things in the drain.  No, this isn’t some infomercial for it…it actually worked.

And it got me to thinking…

…in my previous ‘Sink’ adventure I didn’t know exactly what I needed and I went around trying a million things – creating contraptions – before it finally rested on the good ole plunger.  In this sink adventure, I knew what I needed, but didn’t know where to get it or how to describe it.  Not to mention, I was so caught up in life that I didn’t go out to get it.  It wasn’t as if the sink wasn’t working entirely…it was just working decently enough that I didn’t give myself a crazy adventure to find it.

But I did find a solution.  The only mayhem I endured was a clogged sink and last-minute holiday shoppers.

As it is, this may just have been one of my more ‘quiet’ adventures that have gotten written down.  Though it may seem odd – given the sheer amount of stories in my ‘La Vida de Caridad’ series where I am constantly spending 150% – I think I like quiet adventures more.  They might not be the craziest of stories, but they’re certainly more manageable and you can have a lot of quiet adventures that brace you for the crazy ones.

And I also think that it’s the quiet, everyday life events that mean the most in the long run because their quiet quality usually means there’s a nice resolution.  It’s a toss up when it comes to a crazy adventure.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a guarantee that there are more crazy La Vida de Caridad adventures to come, but just to be sure I say it at least once – the quiet is nice too.