La Vida de Caridad: The Glee Effort

What I do for Glee
What I do for Glee

I often wonder how much of my “techiness” is nature vs. nurture.  As the family tech geek, I am often handed hard drive problems, computer problems, computer purchase questions, camcorders, digital cameras, etc.  Wired had a recent article called “Five Ways that N00bs Annoy Geeks” that I know well.  But regardless, I do like fixing problems and figuring out things.  I like being helpful.  And given all my other “La Vida de Caridad” stories, perhaps I just have points for perseverance.

Usually I wait to watch Glee on Hulu.  Having moved to my own residence, my television options shifted from cable/dvr to regular television with bad reception.  The previous tenant had an elaborate television wired set-up that extended from the outside, through the dining area, underneath carpet, and wrapping around half the living space of my studio.  The outside must have had a satellite of some sort, so placing the television cable into my tv did nothing.  My friend Melissa lent me her old antenna – a crazy looking contraption from Terk that looks like a bow.  I placed it initially by my television and got enough of the major channels that I didn’t do much other effort.

But two things charged me to try to get a missing channel – Fox: the Glee fall finale and Zooey Deschanel (one of my favorite actresses and singers) guest starring on Bones the next day.

So then began the process of just initially moving the next-to-my-TV set up higher to the other side where there was a taller bookcase.  This gave me about 20 channels…none of which included Channel 11 – Fox.

Then I thought to move the antenna closer to the window, near my desk – where there’s an extension in the antenna wire that I could work with.  The thing about this antenna?  It needs an electric outlet.  So I had the antenna plugged into a wire stretching across the room and then another wire extended into a powerstrip. 30-something channels later, I still had no channel 11.  Then I attempted to leverage a bit with the box from the heater I recently bought.  40-something channels, no channel 11.

Then came the kitchen idea.  My kitchen is near my desk.  I was able to pull the antenna cable extender near my tv and place it in the extension near my kitchen.  Propping the box on a chair near my kitchen window and plugging the antenna into my kitchen outlet, I had about 50-something channels…no channel 11.

I was about to give up, but then decided to try my living room window….and success! – so long as it was behind my curtain, resting on the air conditioner duct of the air conditioner my friend Nate lent me.  This worked for about 30 minutes before the signal went out.  Finally, I propped the heater box on my other desk chair and propped the antenna on top of that.

…and while all this sounds pretty crazy, seeing the Glee finale and its lovely happy ending (won’t reveal any details) was totally worth it.  As one of the songs on today’s episode states by the Rolling Stones: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.”