Original Song: Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slippers
Ruby Slippers

I wrote this awhile ago and in testing out my new guitar, I ended up recording a YouTube video of it.  The song has obvious references to The Wizard of Oz and is about the idea of the yellow brick road as the road to life.

YouTube and Lyrics below

Ruby Slippers (cc.tran)

Ruby slippers on my feet
They cant seem to take me home
Howd I end up so deep?
To feel so alone?

Every time I seem to walk
The further I get behind
Every time I seem to run
Im running out of time

Am I buried beneath a house
On the yellow brick road?
Did someone write my fate
And I wasnt told?
Im not ready to be dead yet
Still looking out for home.

I wish it were as easy
As the click clack of my heels
That the road was drawn out for me
Like a used textbook deal

Am I walking on a winding
Winding road
Did someone take the street signs
And I wasnt told
I dont know anything yet
Just that Im looking out for home.

Am I made of straw
Unwound, wont ever get far
Do I have a mane
Flinch in the sight of – pain

I think Im made of tin
Need a new heart to begin
This ones battered and cold
Need a new one to find hope

Ruby slippers on my feet
Can you take me home