A Song A Day: Everlong (KROQ Acoustic)

Everlong is on Foo Fighters' Skin & Bones
Everlong is on Foo Fighters' Skin & Bones

Song #10 Everlong

Why I Picked It: Not just any version of Everlong by the Foo Fighters.  The KROQ Acoustic version.  I actually heard this version first and though I do enjoy the original (from their Skin and Bones album), the acoustic version is my favorite.  I heard the acoustic version when I went with my friend Matt to a concert featuring Foo Fighters and Weezer.  It was definitely one of my more memorable concert experiences.

Why I Like It: Simply: And she sang…. When the chorus is an instrumental and the instrumental is supposed to be what the girl in the song sings?  It’s awesome.  And when the rest of the lyrics build from the singer’s perspective and how much he loves the girl?  That helps too.  See below for the YouTube.  It’s not the exact KROQ Acoustic version, but it’s close.