A Song A Day: Funky Tonight

John Butler Trio - Grand National Album Cover
John Butler Trio - Grand National Album Cover

Song #6 John Butler Trio’s Funky Tonight

Why I Picked It: I had no idea what to pick today, so I randomly played my music until I found something – John Butler Trio and their Funky Tonight song from their Grand National album.  John Butler Trio is an Australian-based band that I learned about from my friend Cela.  Cela had spent sometime studying abroad in Austrailia and when she came back they were playing at – of all places – the Borders bookstore on Hollywood/Vine.  They proceeded to absolutely floor me with their musicality, especially John Butler’s guitar playing.

Why I Picked It: Funky Tonight is one of my favorite songs because it’s such a great song lyrically and displays how amazing this group sounds.  Essentially the song is about a couple who are arguing and the guy doesn’t want to fight – and would rather “make it right”.  He declares that she’s his “queen” and that he wants the world know about it.  Essentially instead of fighting they should “get funky tonight” (come on, do I need to tell what that means when he then proceeds to suggest they “turn the lights down and the stereo on”?).   But aside from that basic premise of the song and the catchy “funky tonight” line, this is sung awesomely:

What’s your name?
Let’s go back to when we first met back in 1999…
Before you knew I was yours and you mine…

This particular part of the song is enhanced by the musical elements around it.  Musically, the song is a bed of guitar craziness that I can’t describe.  So here’s the Youtube: