A Song A Day: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

She & Him - Volume One
She & Him - Volume One

Song #5 She & Him’s Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Why I Picked It: I was reminded of the duo She & Him (Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward) after writing the Regina Spektor song Us pick which was featured on the [500] Days of Summer soundtrack. I was reminded of them because:
1) Zooey is in the movie and
2) She & Him are also on the soundtrack with a Smiths cover.

My song pick is actually a song from the She & Him album Volume One. By the way, She & Him is one of my favorite groups and M. Ward one of my favorite singer/songwriters. (I also have a bit of girl crush on the lovely Zooey Deschanel).

Why I Like It: There’s just a fun playfulness to this song. From the idea of “sitting on the shelf”almost like a play thing to the plunky piano sounds and the “Ahhs” and the “Doot Doos”. Although the singer is the one asking “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” even the person she’s talking to is a play thing – “I gotta get you presents/let’s make it known/I think you’re just so pleasant/I would like you for my own.” The song is just fun and pleasant in every way. It’s on my list of songs that make me happy.

She & Him have fun with this song in their accompanying music video. See below:

In writing this, I almost wrote the acronym to “A Song A Day” and I realize that sadly, it’s SAD or ASAD….which is like “a sad”. So I’m gonna avoid doing that…