A Song A Day: Us

Regina Spektor's "Us" was featured on the (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack
Regina Spektor's "Us" was featured on the (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack

A Song A Day #4: Us

Why I Picked It: I was actually tempted to pick a Brandi Carlile song from her latest album that was the catalyst for yesterday’s song pick, but I have more than 5000 songs, I should shake things up a bit with my artist selections!

I also bought Regina Spektor’s Far [Deluxe] yesterday (I was on a music buying kick), which reminded me of my favorite song on the [500] Days Of Summer soundtrack.  Actually Spektor’s song is a tied favorite with The Smiths’ There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, but I’ll leave that song for another day.  Regina Spektor’s song doesn’t have such a lengthy title.  It is merely Us.

Why I Like It: The song makes me think of a couple running, emulating all the elements of the lyrics, having fun – being an “us”.  The music from the opening piano to the accompanying strings has this vibrancy, this urgency of movement, that swept away feeling of love that makes you think anything is possible.

Then there is Spektor’s lyrical choices and her singing style.  Her words lend the imagery to the action-oriented music: “They’ll name a city after us/And later say it’s all our fault/Then they’ll give us a talking to” – as if being free and acting as they do, their actions are something to be both revered and scolded. Is it because “[they’re] living in a den of thieves/rummaging for answers in the pages”? Whatever it is, “it’s contagious”…times a lot.

And I sincerely hope that “it” in the song is love or the freedom to live as one chooses. I would want that to be contagious, to be able to withstand the extremities of being revered and scolded.