Writing Music & Demo: “I’d Love You”

I found myself at a point in my day where I just needed to escape for a bit and so I picked up my guitar and began to play.  The last few times I did that nothing really came from it (and I have about five or six songs in progress that didn’t get anywhere either).  With my move, health, and work schedule, it was hard to just hone down to a focused set of lyrics and melody.

In any case, I wanted to write something happy/endearing since it was the antithesis of everything going on!  This piece just wove itself out.  Not to say I don’t agree with some of the song’s points.  I’d want someone to love me because I’m a disaster!

“I’d Love You” is kind of an ironic title since the song is less about the potentiality of loving someone as it is that that person does love their subject.  But it’s the core of this chorus – simple “I love you, I love you” – that worries me about this song (and as my demo run of this song reveals, it’s not the must steady part of the song).

So, would love thoughts and feedback of course. 

[mp3_embed playlst=”http://www.intellichick.com/music/mp3/id_love_you.mp3″]

Lyrics below:

I’d Love You (cc.tran)

Love me because I’m a disaster
Adore me because I’m outta of my mind
And if I fall apart
Just stand by me
And I’ll be just fine
Hold me as if I’m not the ocean
That I won’t be a receding tide
Kiss me ever so squarely now
And tell me I won’t be denied

And I’d love you, I’d love you x 2

You tell me I don’t talk too much
But I can tell by your look that’s a lie
Because I’m such a babbling brook
But what you say still makes me smile – hey hey –
You love it when I’m dressed to the nine’s
In my worn out jeans I feel refine
Miss America ain’t got nothing on me
In that look I see in your eyes

(And your eyes say…)  I love you…I love you… x 2

And i can’t understand how it is  And I can’t comprehend why it is
You love me as you do All I know is  I love you too

Chorus (Oh)  I love you…I love you… x 2

Kiss me ever so squarely now
And  you won’t be denied