Life Updates

I haven’t written in here in awhile.  It hasn’t been for a lack of things to write.  I’ve been meaning to – ideas float in and out to be put in here – but I never did get around to them.

Looking back in my previous entries, this blog is a smattering of things, of the many sides of my self: the geek, the culture blogger, the musician, the politically liberal, the writer.  And I hope that’s part of what living up to the moniker “intellichick” means – a variety of things, a variety of interests.

Lately my life has been an infusion of life changes.  I’m moving residences.  I’m trying to work on my book/writing.  I’m trying to infuse all my different roles at work.  I’m trying to be twenty-something and have fun and hang out with friends.

And I’m trying to do all these under the well-intentioned (but not always translated so) auspices of Asian parental units.  Under the strains of my health (I have an epileptic disorder.  I can’t walk sometimes.).

And while all this could make me feel tired, I’m just really glad to be alive and in a world where I have the opportunity to do all these things.  So I hope I can write more in here and be better at documenting the up’s and the down’s of all that because as important as it is to live life, it’s almost as equally important to reflect on it.