Tea Versus Coffee

I always say that there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee, but frankly the same can be said about tea. Unfortunately, I feel that I don’t get to say that as often about tea as I do coffee. I write this as I’m enjoying the Morraccan Mint Green Tea (pictured) at Teaism in Dupont Circle, Washington DC.

I can get a decent cup of coffee anywhere really and while the availability of tea increased at Starbucks and the selection of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is always nice, the tea place seems but a sad novelty.

Or perhaps my feeling of novelty right now is because I’m just basking in the moment, where I get to sit here and leisurely drink tea. Truth be told, while it’d be nice to leisurely drink a cup of coffee, it too is but a rare occasion.

Maybe it’s less about what the caffeinated beverage is and more the time and place to enjoy it.