Inefficient: iTunes – Streaming?

iTunes 8 (from the website)
iTunes 8 (from the website)

This post is off of a twitter exchange I had with greenlagirl (who runs that awesome greenlagirl website).  While it’s inefficient (among other things) that iTunes currently doesn’t have streaming of its online content, a little research told me that it might not be this way for long., off a CNET posting, noted in February 2009 that this might be the wave of the iTunes future.   It makes sense after all that iTunes would adopt streaming (evenutally), what with netflix streaming and‘s popularity.  My friend Julius remarked that he had recently caught up on his tv shows (while in a sick stupor) and it had almost made him think to cancel his cable (before remembering that it didn’t carry some cable shows).

The main point of my exchange with greenlagirl is, “who really wants to download those files when you can stream them?”  Currently iTunes has movie rentals that you can download for 3.99.  How about charging me a dollar (or nothing!) for me to see the content through streaming?  It might also be a great business venture with hulu if there’s overlap of content (which there probably will be) and competition if there’s content hulu (and others) might not have available. 

 iTunes 8 was released September 2008 and iTunes 7 was released September 2006.  But if you’ve followed the history if iTunes 7 and iTunes 8, it doesn’t really take a new “version number” to have a whopping lot of changes.  Much of the different changes in the last couple of years reflects the introduction and life of the iPhone. 

This then makes me think beyond just iTunes. YouTube streaming is a mainstay feature on the iPhone (mainstay ’cause it gets its own button when you buy it – at least my first generation iPhone did) and you can watch your YouTube content on your iPhone.  Maybe the next thing isn’t just streaming on iTunes, maybe it’s on the iPhone as well.  If they don’t do it, someone else has probably done it and if not, probably will.