Craft: The Chick in Egg in the Glass

Chick in Egg CraftOne of my random hobbies is designing my own gifts for holiday presents/favors.  For some reason I’ve latched onto the plastic small tumbler type cups they sell at the grocery store.  Since all my crafts involve being candy containers, it’s ideal that it be a cup.  In previous years I’ve made one designed to look like a bunny’s face and a ghost within a cup for Halloween.  Let me know if there’s an interest for instructions on my previous projects, this post will just be how to make the chick in the egg in the “glass”.


-Green Ribbon – Cut shredded to look like grass (can also use the standard plastic grass sold around Easter)

-Construction Paper – White, Yellow, Orange

-Black Pen/Marker

-Small Plastic Tumbler Cups (as many as you’re going to make

-Scotch Tape




  1. Egg Shape: Cut white construction paper in to jagged, uneven edges.  There will be excess paper on each strip, no matter if you cut the paper-length wise or height-wise.  Fold the paper into a cylinder shape and see what best fits comfortably in the cup.  Have the sides overlap a little for easier taping to get your egg shape.
  2. Chick: To make the chick, you can either eye how big you’d like it to look, or use your thumb as a guide.  I just did it by eye and cut excess paper.  Make it too big and it kind of looks like Tweety bird!  On the yellow paper, make black ovals for eyes, draw a little brow on top.
  3. Beak: You have a couple of choices with the beak.  It can either stand alone and the chick is just popping out of the egg, or you can tuck the beak just over the egg.  The second one is a little harder.
  4. Chick, Beak, Egg: In either case, you need to figure out where on the egg the chick looks best popping out.  If you find a place where the face hides just a *little* is probably the cutest.  Once you’ve figured out the set up, just put some scotch tape of the chick’s back and affix it together on the egg.
  5. Egg into Cup: Initially, I just placed the egg into the cup and let it kind of roll around, but I found it best to just get a long piece of tape in the bottom part of the egg shape, put both ends of the tape into the bottom of the egg, then gently press down into the bottom of the tumbler cup.
  6. Grass: If you are shredding green ribbon, just have long thin slivers.  Don’t make them too short or they find themselves under the egg.  If you have the regular plastic grass for Easter, just tuck on the sides of the tumbler.  Shouldn’t probably take too much since the emphasis is on the egg.
  7. Finally, you have room for about 4-5 miniature candies to tuck into the egg itself.