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A Note of Appreciation: For Janitors

On my walk back to the office from lunch, my co-workers and I were stopped by this really large protest.  It even blocked traffic coming from off the freeway - sorry Los Angeles drivers and bus transit riders.  It turned out to be a protest for Justice for Janitors, emphasizing more affordable healthcare and fairer wages. A protest like this gives reason to pause and more than just for the inconvenience of traffic. A few minutes of protest is nothing compared to where we would be without Read more [...]

Original Song: Ruby Slippers

I wrote this awhile ago and in testing out my new guitar, I ended up recording a YouTube video of it.  The song has obvious references to The Wizard of Oz and is about the idea of the yellow brick road as the road to life. YouTube and Lyrics below Ruby Slippers (cc.tran) Ruby slippers on my feet They cant seem to take me home Howd I end up so deep? To feel so alone? Every time I seem to walk The further I get behind Every time I seem to run Im running out of time Am Read more [...]