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I Am Not A Hipster

...even if supposedly making that declaration might make me one (MFA Confidential - Jessie Morrison noted in her "Am I A Hipster?" post that denial is a sign that you are). I've been privy to a number of situations where for all marketing categorical intents and purposes I would be stuck in that category - willingness to be on the cutting edge, concern for the environment, awareness of trends, etc.  But while I think that those are qualities I might share with "hipsters", I don't feel I am Read more [...]

Shifts in Facebook: Commenting on Wall Posts

The other day my friend Ian and I were having a facebook wall conversation and it wasn't until he commented on my message on his wall that I realized you could comment on that as well (hey...there's some things I don't pay attention to :)). As my friend Bobby just did the same thing earlier (commenting on my wall post), I write this post being all kinds of  divided.  Is this the end of the wall-to-wall?  It makes sense because then the conversation follows on your profile where it began Read more [...]

Efficient: Facebook Site Governance Vote

Well...sort of efficient. When I tried voting the first couple of times I received all these error messages. In any case, if you haven't heard voting has now begun for the new Terms of Service (TOS) on Facebook - revised version with an input of comments from users and experts or reverting back to the 9/08 version before the mass hysteria of libertarian-esque outcry (It's the internet. We're still the wild, wild west). Go here to get to the vote. Way more efficient than Mark Zuckerberg's Read more [...]