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#30DaysofGood: The Recap aka “June was Delicious” (Photos)

So I made it!  Yes, there was that Los Angeles Magazine party incident and the Vitameatavegamin undoing, but I learned a little something about food consciousness/fast food consciousness and GOOD even featured/reblogged one of my food photos on tumblr! In the end, I think I realized that being a vegetarian for 30 days (give or take) was not bad at all, but actually pretty great. I felt better. I cooked more. I thought about what I ate. I explored LA from a different angle. I Read more [...]

Veggie Day 2 & 3: The Restaurant Effect #30DaysofGood (Photos)

Let’s be honest.  I work a lot and can’t cook as much as I would like.  I work a lot and I live in a town called Los Angeles with perhaps one of the most diverse food selections in the world and is privy to a ton of awesome restaurants.  So, obviously, this town can be fairly vegetarian fare-friendly as I’ve kind of always known, but am really beginning to figure out with this adventure. Perhaps it was fate that my GOOD LA local email today featured “Nine Los Angeles Restaurants Where Read more [...]