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New Song: Hmm – cc.tran + YouTube

Yesterday was one of those days where things were happening left and right, back-to-back.  Which not only led me to forget my medication, but ultimately just tuckered me out by the end of the day.  So naturally, I had a time out and took some time to play with my guitar. I ended up doing a YouTube video of a song that felt like a reflection of the day.  My song "Hmm" - which has a humming part to it (hence the title).  I wrote it on a bad day a long time ago while also thinking about the economy Read more [...]

New Song: Believe – cc.tran + YouTube

I love when songs come from random inspirations - one-off lines that friends say.  Zinfandel was one of those songs ("pour me another glass of that wine" - trevor) and I suppose Believe is going to get added to that list ("...as if love has logic" - jesse). In truth, I wrote most of Believe several weeks ago around Jesse's birthday actually.  He and I were having a random conversation about love and logic to which he mentioned the line "as if love has logic" which got me to thinking because Read more [...]

Original Song: Ruby Slippers

I wrote this awhile ago and in testing out my new guitar, I ended up recording a YouTube video of it.  The song has obvious references to The Wizard of Oz and is about the idea of the yellow brick road as the road to life. YouTube and Lyrics below Ruby Slippers (cc.tran) Ruby slippers on my feet They cant seem to take me home Howd I end up so deep? To feel so alone? Every time I seem to walk The further I get behind Every time I seem to run Im running out of time Am Read more [...]