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Emergency Stops: A Letter to the Impatient Public Transit Rider

Dear Impatient Public Transit Rider, I'm guessing you had somewhere to go. I mean, obviously, since you couldn't wait the few seconds between the train stopping and the train operator opening the doors that you had to pull on the emergency door stop. Maybe it was a life or death situation. Maybe those seconds were crucial in a 24 montage way and I should actually be addressing this to "Dear Guy Who Thinks He's Jack Bauer" and thank you for saving the world. Erm...somehow, I don't think Read more [...]

A Note of Appreciation: For Janitors

On my walk back to the office from lunch, my co-workers and I were stopped by this really large protest.  It even blocked traffic coming from off the freeway - sorry Los Angeles drivers and bus transit riders.  It turned out to be a protest for Justice for Janitors, emphasizing more affordable healthcare and fairer wages. A protest like this gives reason to pause and more than just for the inconvenience of traffic. A few minutes of protest is nothing compared to where we would be without Read more [...]

Almost Happiness

This past weekend life carried me to Los Angeles' Old Chinatown Central Plaza. While there on an errand, I threw a coin into its Seven Star Cavern Wishing Well. By "well" I don't mean your standard hole in the ground encircled by bricks, but you probably figured that out with the phrase "Seven Star Cavern". This is more of a replica of the Seven Star Caves of China, painted green, dotted with Buddha statues and little metal "wells" complete with signage. These signs call out to the things we Read more [...]

A Moment for my Diamond Earrings

Today I felt like wearing my diamond earrings.  If you look at the instagram photo to the right, by diamond earrings, I mean well not really much of diamonds.  But that doesn't matter. I bought these earrings myself.  $25.  Church silent auction.  They're butterflies - something anyone who keeps up-to-date with on this blog realizes is a favorite symbol of mine. But despite the lack of cost (and let's face it, almost lack of diamond), there's something about being able to tell myself that Read more [...]

#30DaysofGood: The Recap aka “June was Delicious” (Photos)

So I made it!  Yes, there was that Los Angeles Magazine party incident and the Vitameatavegamin undoing, but I learned a little something about food consciousness/fast food consciousness and GOOD even featured/reblogged one of my food photos on tumblr! In the end, I think I realized that being a vegetarian for 30 days (give or take) was not bad at all, but actually pretty great. I felt better. I cooked more. I thought about what I ate. I explored LA from a different angle. I Read more [...]