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La Vida de Caridad: The Cricket II

You know when you live life and suddenly something just appears?  Something you've been waiting for and let slip from your mind? I wish this post was about the appearance of something great, like love or an inheritance or the cure to a health problem, but I'll take what I can get. Despite the zaniness of yesterday (See La Vida de Caridad: The Cricket), that's exactly what happened with the cricket. I was working from home all day, occasionally annoyed at the chirping coming from my Read more [...]

La Vida de Caridad: The Cricket I

The day after I got 3 hours of sleep (see The Girl with the Red Katana) and worked a 10-hour day, I came home to realize there was a cricket in my apartment.  I had suspected as much when I woke up that morning hearing some chirping, but on 3 hours of sleep and the radio on, it all kind of blends in. But there was no doubt about it when I walked into my apartment around eight pm: there was a distinct sound of chirping. I followed the sound to my window where the air conditioning unit was Read more [...]

La Vida de Caridad: Wonder Woman & the Grocery Adventure

I hadn't planned to go grocery shopping.  I had worked most of the day at home non-stop and had a headache and a need to go out.  The rain outside looked like it had let up, so I figured I'd take a walk to look for Halloween stuff at the corner Walgreens - the commercialism had finally caught up to me the day before.  I had decided to be Wonder Woman and although the Walgreens website said the costume wasn't available online, I was going to just go and see for myself. The moment I walked Read more [...]

La Vida de Caridad: Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I spent the greater part of 3 hours trying to fix my kitchen sink - and like most problems in life, it was self-made. Silly me thought it would be okay that some clam chowder go down the tiny drain, silly me got schooled by life. 1) Being a cheapskate, I tried first to go with the cheapo Drano alternatives. First some kitchen degreasing soap and salt, followed by hot water. When that didn't work, I tried the old school route of baking soda, vinegar, and then followed by hot water. The result? Read more [...]

Why Touch My Hair?!

These are the general approaches people take whether they're walking on the street or on public transit: Give them some spare change. Tell them you don't have any money (whether or not it's true). Ignore them. Tell them to get a job. I never say #4 because you really never know why people are asking for money.  I'll usually do a range of 1 or 2.  But sometimes when I'm not feeling particularly nice or just don't want to be bothered after a long day of work, I pick #3 - Ignore them.  Read more [...]