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“Everything” Taglines: iPhone 4, PS3 Move, and Xbox Kinect (Sort of)

The "summer blockbuster" seems less applicable to the movies and more to electronics lately.  With the announcement (and pre-order craze) of the iPhone 4 and more information/demos/hype for the PS3 Move and Xbox Kinect coming out of E3 - you'd think that there would be some more creativity a-buzz with taglines. Nope. iPhone 4 - It changes everything. Again. PS3 Move - It changes everything. XBox is a little bit more creative - deciding to allude to the fact that it "changes everything" Read more [...]

iPhone 3GS: Revealing Changed Expectations

iphone 3gs from Flickr - <a href=When Apple announced the iPhone 3GS earlier this month, along with the ooh's and ahh's were some hefty fees for AT&T's bevy of current iPhone 3G users if they wanted to upgrade. While LA Times Tech Blog recently reported that 'AT&T Relents on iPhone 3GS upgrade pricing', the situation itself reveals that the iPhone has changed expectations and is waiting for things to catch up. Read more [...]

Inefficient: iTunes – Streaming?

This post is off of a twitter exchange I had with greenlagirl (who runs that awesome greenlagirl website).  While it's inefficient (among other things) that iTunes currently doesn't have streaming of its online content, a little research told me that it might not be this way for long.  Engadget.com, off a CNET posting, noted in February 2009 that this might be the wave of the iTunes future.   It makes sense after all that iTunes would adopt streaming (evenutally), what with netflix streaming Read more [...]