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Facebook Email Removal = Website Change?

If you haven’t heard, Facebook has updated everyone’s email to their Facebook email – because obviously when someone is emailing me they really want to contact me on Facebook.  Silly me for overlooking this.  Good thing Facebook is around to make me feel empowered about my user experience and updating this information for me. Sarcasm aside, I went through lifehacker’s instructions earlier this morning, but then noticed something odd on my page later that day – “Charity changed her Read more [...]

Inefficient: User Interfaces Part 1 – E-mail

Lately I've been bothered by inefficient user interfaces (perhaps it's just a theme lately given my "dysfunctional functioning" post previously). My job is web-based and I understand - to a degree - that some things are hard to change and takes some some time to program. But format and text are perhaps some of the easiest things we can offer to the user. My first example in this series of posts will be business e-letters. Letters that have important information, but don't easily convey to the user exactly what s/he wants to know are inefficient and confusing. An electronic billing statement is a great example for variability in bad and good design. Read more [...]