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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Cupcake Project

Like many, my fellow Whovians and I had been planning a get-together for months to celebrate and view Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor. We had a lovely Whovian Brunch and had an excellent time watching the 50th Anniversary episode. My contribution to our brunch was themed cupcakes - and true to Doctor Who form - it was a bit of a timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly kitchen experiment. Read more [...]

Halloween Costume: Operation TARDIS Dress

Usually my Halloween costumes come in two varieties: "What's in my closet that might work?" or "I've thought about this far enough in advance that I ordered it online." This year, I actually decided to change things up a bit and actually put together a costume.  Given my Doctor Who obsession for the last year or so (Late in the game, I know - I mourned over the 10th Doctor, does that make up for it?), I contemplated just being a girl version of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor.  I had a tweed-ish Read more [...]