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Kickstarter Project Shout-Out: Princess Charming

Writer Josh Roby teams up with Illustrator Anna Kreider to give girls a different kind of Charming. The campaign has had some great forward motion, unlocking the princess designs shown above! And if you're thinking very sarcastically to the rest of the world - You mean princesses can come in different shapes and sizes and ethnic backgrounds?! - I'm there with you. Read more [...]

Commercializing The Hunger Games: A Story of Bad and Good Ideas

A couple of Mary Sue posts today inspired this post.  The first is Subway's tie-in with The Hunger Games - Catching Fire. The second is the rumor of a Hunger Games Theme Park. I was just in Subway the other day and was confronted by the fact that there were sandwiches playing on the idea of the "bold" and "fiery" nature of Catching Fire.  I'm a vegetarian, so I can't judge on the tastiness of the sandwiches they're trying to promote.  However, I can tell you that my immediate reaction is that Read more [...]

A Very Bookish Christmas

This year I decided to make a Book Christmas Tree - something a little bit more detailed than my beloved Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but still room for creativity.  I actually have a whole "to-read" book table.  Yes - table. So it was the perfect place to just do some...rearranging!  I had to be a little bit more creative with the top of the tree.  Luckily I had small volumes of love poems that were just right! The books in the tree (from top-to-bottom): Random House Treasury of Favorite Read more [...]