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BarackObama.com’s Interactive Infographic

I received an email from Jim Messina of BarackObama.com telling me that They had passed the 1 million grassroots donors mark. 147,281 donors were from California. 43 donors were named Charity. …like me!  But best of all, it sends me to a great interactive infographic. A few good points for online e-government/political outreach: User Personalization is pretty awesome when you want to make me feel specific in a group of a million. Infographics are a fun way to break Read more [...]

Pandits and Pancits: Peace Prize & Olympics

This conversation relates in part to my blog post Obama and the Peace Prize with reactions from its feed on my facebook.  I will try to integrate some of that feedback within the context of the conversation, since it's obviously not on my blog itself.  This conversation also involves other aspects such as the closing of Gitmo, the war in Afghanistan, economic crisis and the Olympic bid. Jay: Isn't it odd how if any other person from any other country won the Nobel prize, there would Read more [...]

Obama and the Peace Prize

I know that the Nobel Peace Prize is a big deal, but in a lot of ways it isn't a big deal.  It's an award.  It's a recognition gained after nominations are made and a group of people vote on them. There have been jokes as of late that Barack Obama hasn't done anything (SNL, anyone?), but I've always believed that the problem with change is that people want to see it too fast.  People are too quick to criticize because they're in the position to do so, they're not leading a country, entering Read more [...]