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A Song A Day: Don’t Stop Believin’

Song #18 Journey - Don't Stop Believin' Why I Picked It: I just came from a wedding where this was playing.  Best dance floor karaoke...ever. Why I Like It: It's Journey's Don't Stop Believin'...who doesn't like this song? But I guess that isn't the point of these A Song A Day posts.  I suppose what I love most about this song - aside from its singability and the pop rock head boppin' qualities - is that it's a story.  It's got great detail - A singer in a smokey room A smell Read more [...]

A Song A Day: Dangerous

Song #17 Kardinal Offishall's Dangerous Why I Picked It: This was actually the song pick yesterday, but Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive anniversary won out.  I was going to pick it yesterday because it's 1) fun to dance to 2) has some great lyrics 3) ...and hey, every girl wants to feel a little bit dangerous. 😉 Why I Like It: I'm a big fan of same verb and different perspectives in a sentence (hey - I majored in English) which can be found in this song: I can't help but to notice Read more [...]

A Song A Day: I Will Survive

Song #16 Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive Why I Picked It:  I just had the privilege of seeing Gloria Gaynor perform the song live tonight at the Grammy Museum and she's very inspiring, just like this song.  It's the 30th anniversary of this anthem that you can just keep keepin' on. Why I Like It:  The idea of survival creates images of struggle and suffering.  This song encapsulates the moment - the burst of energy - that pulls you out from whatever dark, depth you've found yourself Read more [...]

A Song A Day: Get Your Number

A Song A Day #14 Yung Berg ft. Amerie - Get Your Number Why I Picked It: I've been meaning to do a genre switch and given yesterday's cover of Crazy In Love, I figured I'd feature my favorite Yung Berg song (though I do have love the instrumental hook in Sexy Can I).  Get Your Number is featured in Yung Berg's debut album Look What You Made Me. Why I Like It: The song opens with the sharing of a phone number and Amerie spelling her name.  To me, spelling in a song can get boring, dated, Read more [...]

A Song A Day: Crazy In Love

Song #13 The Magic Numbers - Crazy in Love Why I Picked It: You read it right.  Not Beyonce featuring Jay-Z.  The Magic Numbers.  This is from KCRW's Sounds Eclectic The Covers Project.  I share this version whenever I can. Why I Liked It: This is one of my favorite cover songs because it's in such stark contrast to the beat-laden, hip-hop original.  The Magic Numbers playfully sing the iconic "oh oh oh" that open and fill in so much of the music you miss in the original with Read more [...]