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Lessons in Concert Etiquette (Standing Room Edition)

Today I went to a concert and it seriously felt like "Lessons in Concert Etiquette (Standing Room Edition)."  Naturally, I figured it would be best to outline it all: Tall People:  I'll open with the disclaim that I realize it's not easy being tall and I understand the "first come, first serve" value of a standing-room type concert, but as a short person I do think tall people should have some sense of consideration for people behind them.  This particular person I talk about here had a shorter Read more [...]

New Song: Hmm – cc.tran + YouTube

Yesterday was one of those days where things were happening left and right, back-to-back.  Which not only led me to forget my medication, but ultimately just tuckered me out by the end of the day.  So naturally, I had a time out and took some time to play with my guitar. I ended up doing a YouTube video of a song that felt like a reflection of the day.  My song "Hmm" - which has a humming part to it (hence the title).  I wrote it on a bad day a long time ago while also thinking about the economy Read more [...]

New Song: Believe – cc.tran + YouTube

I love when songs come from random inspirations - one-off lines that friends say.  Zinfandel was one of those songs ("pour me another glass of that wine" - trevor) and I suppose Believe is going to get added to that list (" if love has logic" - jesse). In truth, I wrote most of Believe several weeks ago around Jesse's birthday actually.  He and I were having a random conversation about love and logic to which he mentioned the line "as if love has logic" which got me to thinking because Read more [...]

A Song A Day: Don’t Stop Believin’

Song #18 Journey - Don't Stop Believin' Why I Picked It: I just came from a wedding where this was playing.  Best dance floor karaoke...ever. Why I Like It: It's Journey's Don't Stop Believin'...who doesn't like this song? But I guess that isn't the point of these A Song A Day posts.  I suppose what I love most about this song - aside from its singability and the pop rock head boppin' qualities - is that it's a story.  It's got great detail - A singer in a smokey room A smell Read more [...]