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DIY Book Scanner: Make-Up Carrier, Choral Folder, and Picture Frame Glass

Recently I borrowed several books from a library for my dissertation research.  I was basking in the glow of more generous university library renewal options when I got an email telling me I had to return them because - can you believe this? - someone else needed them. The email brought some emotions: Obligatory shaking-fist-in-the-air Facebook post expressing my attachment issues to books that aren't actually mine: Darn you, Book Recall! Darn you, Unidentified University Student(s)!  Don't Read more [...]


Marathons are beautiful things.  There's the time it takes to be able to run them, the people encouraging you on that journey.  There's the race itself: the glorious 26.2 mile stretch of more than just singular achievement, but also the support of the community where that race happens, the chorus of cheers from strangers and friends alike who celebrate you and with you. I don't think today's events make us forget the beauty and achievement of the marathon.  I think today's events magnify Read more [...]

Stir-Fried Asian Culture: Panda Express & Samurai Pandas

Today my friend Scott shared a photo on Facebook featuring a Panda Express billboard ad and its new limited time only dish - Samurai Surf & Turf.   I went to the website home page to get the image for this page, which shares simliar characteristics with the billboard ad: There are pandas dressed as samurai, weilding samurai swords with shrimp and beef.  The dish is called Samurai Surf & Turf. The dish is being showcased in a wok. Let's break a few things down here: Panda Read more [...]

A Note on Being a Nerd Girl

I just read this commentary on this great share where John Green tells heterosexual men/boys: Gentlemen, nerd girls are the world's greatest underutilized romantic resource. While I stand applauding like Agent Tim McGee watching an online stream of a friend's destination wedding, I am a little down on the stereotypes. I go to parties.  They're fun.  I have friends, and they have parties. And hey - sometimes I throw parties too.  But parties are also what you make of them.  I'm my Read more [...]